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In a world that often lacks what has long been called 'common courtesy' it seems this page is inevitable. So many little irks on the web would so easily be solved by its simple utilization.

Well, here it goes.

You may use the information on this site (And the others not on for personal research purposes. If you use ANY information such as (but not limted to) in a book, school project, web page or equivalent you MUST give credit and preferably a link to the place you originally found the data. Naturally this site is protected under copyright. Blatantly copying anything such as text, design or images is quite obviously a big no-no. Images even more than the text are usually unique. Often the images are easily recognizable toward a particular web site and as such are a site's 'trademark' look. If you like an image used on a site you MUST ask first to use it. If the person who created the image says no, well then you must take it at face value and not use the image.

Use of the domain is strictly the tenant of the selected members. This means using this domain name in email, usenet posts or the web is strictly forbidden unless specifically granted. This also goes second for internet marketers. NO unsolicited bulk advertisements are tolerated! EMailing me or anyone else that uses an ad selling or promoting a product, web site or equivalent will be reported immediately to their respective abuse department. Other common types of internet abuse such as harassment, Denial Of Service, mailbombing are also verboten. Since is also within the bounderies of California, state law prohibits 'spam' or 'junk email' and as such NO address on may be sent junk email.

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TEDDY RUXPIN and associated AlchemyII Trademarked characters are the sole Intellectual Property of Ken Forsse. The preceeding was created for fan appreciation and enjoyment only and not for commercial purposes as per Fair Use laws. Any infringement is purely unintentional.